Mark's leadership skills and in-depth knowledge of community issues are utilized in a wide variety of active and advisory positions within Waterloo.

Term: 2014 - 2018

  • Council Liaison for Economic Development - A leading role in attraction and retention of businesses in Waterloo
  • Waterloo Economic Development Committee - Business and academic leadership advisory group
  • Sustainability Advisory Committee - Seeking to develop sustainable practices in all city departments and services
  • Sign Variance Committee - Ensuring that new signs in the city meet stringent guidelines
  • Landfill Liaison Committee - Keeping abreast of policy and procedure at Waterloo landfill
  • Ten Thousand Forests - Grassroots environmental group morphed from 10,000 Trees Project focused on planting trees

Term: 2010 - 2014

  • Council Liaison for Economic Development - A leading role in attraction and retention of businesses in Waterloo
  • Ambassador Committee - Responsible for global outreach activities
  • Waterloo Economic Development Committee - Citizen led advisory group of council
  • Waterloo Environmental Action Committee - Advisors to council on Environmental issues
  • Waterloo Region Landfill Liaison Committee - Citizen input organization on landfill operations
  • iCanada Member - Promoting the Intelligent Community movement in Canada
  • 10,000 Trees Project - Grassroots environmental group planting trees in Waterloo

Term: 2006 - 2010

  • Ambassador Committee - Responsible for global outreach
  • KW Oktoberfest Advisory Committee - Provide guidance and support to Oktoberfest Board of Directors
  • Laurel Creek & Sanitary Trunk Sewer Task Force - Monitor rehabilitation of sewage line and the creek corridor along Marshall
  • Town & Gown Committee - Enhance relationships with students
  • Regional Transportation Master Plan Committee - Maps out transportation plan to 2031
  • Waterloo Economic Development Committee - Committee advises Council and Economic Development Dept.

Term: 2003 - 2006

  • Recreation & Leisure Liaison Councillor - Department programs all sports organizations, senior services, heritage resources and arts and culture
  • Library Board Trustee - Oversaw renovation and technology innovations
  • Waterloo Community Arts Centre Board of Directors - Worked to secure funding and promote local artists in city hall
  • 55 Plus Board - Advocate on behalf of senior programming
  • Cultural Development Committee - Worked to secure more funding for arts organizations
  • Heritage Waterloo Committee - Worked to preserve historic building and sites in the community
  • Trails Advisory Committee - Promoted expansion and maintenance of trails