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  Mark Whaley    
Ward 5 Councillor
City of Waterloo



 Experienced ~ Committed ~ Leader

        Mark has worked diligently to bring fiscal
        order to our city, to ensure safe and
        liveable neighbourhoods and to garner
        global recognition for Waterloo.



Experience & Commitment

As an elected official seeking re-election this October some people might ask the question, "so what have you done for me lately Councillor?"  That's a valid question.

As I contemplate another term of office as Councillor for Ward 5, it gives me the opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments of my past terms and what I would have to offer citizens going forward.  Simply put, I believe the experience and knowledge I have gained in my work continues to have good value for my constituents and the community.

Effective city councils are made up of a variety of citizens of different backgrounds, genders, ages and expertise and it is the accumulated knowledge of each that makes the entire council work optimally. But all the experience gained means nothing without a keen desire to continue to represent citizens.  For me, a determined willingness to continue to represent my ward on local issues and larger community concerns remains undiminished.

Besides tending to the daily concerns of citizens, I have been a leader in economic development, sustainability practices and a critic for built form shaping our Waterloo skyline.  There has been a plethora of new companies, from start-ups to large corporations that have made a home for themselves in our city.  I have worked directly with many of them, often as a first point of contact, as they create real jobs and prosperity for our community.

It has been exciting to be involved in the genesis of the Sustainability Advisory Committee, a brand new group that is looking at sustainability practices with a larger lens than just environmental issues, as has been the case in the past, so that Waterloo will continue to be a place where we all want to live.

Our urban design guidelines, formally mere suggestions to developers, now have more teeth as I have pushed for them to become policy.  This change has given us more varied and interesting architecture that has resulted in better constructed buildings for all to enjoy.

It has been a real pleasure to serve my neighbours and constituents over the last 4 terms.  I hope that you agree that my experience and commitment to my community makes me the right person to continue as your Councillor.  I am asking for your vote on Oct 22th.

Mark Whaley

Councillor - Ward 5
City of Waterloo





Election Day:
October 22, 2018


Press Release

Contact Information: 
(C) 519.635.9436

(H)  519.886.4774

(F)  519.886.9067                                                                         

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