Waterloo, Ontario








Mark Whaley has been described as "the man with many hats."


His wide ranging interests stem from an unabashed curiosity about the world around him and a unique ability to invest in new people and new ideas without the "fear of failure" factor that is more common in investing in new ventures.


                " I have often said that if I just stand on a street corner for long enough
                 some one will inevitably tap me on the shoulder with some new
                 concept that is ready for exploration.  Its always been fascinating to

                 peel back the onion on ideas to see where they might go,"

                                                                                                          Mark Whaley


But the fact of the matter is that Mark's track record of giving everyone and every idea some room to grow has led to a remarkable number of success stories that have played out in Waterloo Region and by now people with new ideas seek him out for guidance and support.





Mark has been at the heart of Waterloo Region's rise as a center for technological development on the national and international stage.  As a board member for numerous tech organizations he acts as experienced guide, mentor, sometimes investor and often co-founder to a wide range of companies in the sector.





In his earlier years Mark made an impact in his community as an award winning social and environmental activist.  He was a "tree hugger" when environmentalists were mocked as idealistic dreamers and continues to participate and support a wide range of environmental activities.  He has been on the front line of labour relations issues and has supported "women in business" initiatives.





For the past 15 years Mark has been an integral member of Waterloo City Council as an elected official.  Starting during the uncertain days after the Rim Park financial fiasco, Mark has helped forge a financial roadmap that has taken the city from financial hardship to economic prosperity.  In the meantime he helped craft a vision for Waterloo as an educational, technical and social leader in our region and our nation.  He has been a brand ambassador for the city globally.



Mark Whaley is the "man with many hats" who continues to be the one to support people with new ideas and a vision for a brighter future for Waterloo Region


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